Pete Whittaker's BATTLE To Send Recovery Drink

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Thought of as one of the hardest crack climbs in the world, Recovery Drink on the Profile
Wall in Jøssingfjord, Norway has attracted some of the biggest hitters in the trad game over the few successes. In 2013, it was Nico Favresse who made the first ascent of the line, followed by Daniel Jung of Germany, who bagged the second ascent in 2018. So with brutal training regime and a partner in crime in Tom Randall to work the route with, Pete dediated his climbing trips to making the 3rd (or possibly 4th) ascent of Recovery Drink / 8c+ .

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Pete Whittaker's Battle To Send Recovery Drink

This film was shot and edited before the current
Corona Virus Lockdown that we are seeing around
the world, we understand that it is currently not
recommended or safe to go to many of the climbing
crags in the world, but this is a remarkable story of
an incredible achievement, and so we hope that this
will inspire you in this difficult period, to come
out stronger and ready to send your personal projects,
wherever and whatever they may

Please respect the guidelines set out by your local and national
governments, this is no a time to go climbing, but a time to get
ready for the times we will be able to go outside

Stay safe, EpicTV
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